Angelina Gualdoni

Angelina Gualdoni
Nocturne 2005
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
122 x 152.5 cm

Nocturne portrays an abandoned shopping mall in the midwest, a modern ruin, the end result of leaving main street for a better deal. Angelina Gualdoni portrayed a dark and decaying landscape, an endeavor gone wrong, a life's work that took the last train out for some other destination. Her watery technique of layering becomes a literal psychological and architectural testimony to society and the result of another bad decision in speculation. A downturn in the market with someone else to blame. Aside from all that her painting is good and accurate, inspired and well executed. She gives us a good visual and cleverly informs us with a journalistic birds eye view, with correct perspective, of a dismal snapshot of reality. Oh yeah, it is the beginning of the end of the commercial empire. They say when the psychics move out of San Francisco get ready....well, when the artist is commenting on the economic graveyard of commercial real estate it's time to invest in art.

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