Michael Raedecker

Michael Raedecker
Scene 1997
Acrylic and Thread on Linen
50 x 70 cm

As the sun sets, a shadow of a tree in the front yard cascades along the siding of a ranch house in what appears to be a quiet suburban neighborhood. In "Scene", Michael Raedecker renders the house by using simple shape that follows the roofline, barely indicating when the sky begins or when the grass starts to slope. More importantly, the picture's hyper focus is on what lies behind the sliding glass doors. The blackened interior creates a void of isolated darkness. Through Michael's adept less is more execution the picture's simplicity is its structure. The monotone coloration plants his imagery solidly in the ground. The question that lurks is what is more compelling, the void itself, or the fact that the void makes the viewer becomes the voyeur.

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